Visit to Palestine

Students from RAMA, Denmark visited Edward Said National Conservatory (Palestine) in March 2016. The schedule for the week was wonderfully packed with trips to Ramallah and Bethlehem, rehearsals with the Palestinian students and concerts in both Jerusalem and Ramallah.

The Palestinians had visited Denmark in December, so the collaboration had started and some of the students had already played together. During the week they formed a beautiful repertoire of Northern and Arab tunes presented in a merged sound with saxophone, recorder and double bass along with oud, nay and qanoun. The singers and percussionist shared rhythms, sounds and language and complemented each other in a very natural way.

The cooperation proved once again that making music together is the best way to get behind each other's borders when meeting new people. The most beautiful part of these visits has definitely been the personal bonds, the mutual understanding and friendships built through the shared time - all expressed in music at the concerts.

The music programme is financed by the Danish House in Palestine.