Developing Music Teacher Education in Nepal

Vilma Timonen, PhD student and lecturer of folk music
Sibelius Academy

Collaboration between Sibelius Academy and Nepal Music Center in Kathmandu started in 2013 to co-develop music teacher education in Nepal. Work has been intensive and included reciprocal visits and intensive working periods both in Helsinki and Kathmandu.

In 2015 the project grew into a wider research project "Global visions through mobilizing networks: Co-developing intercultural music teacher education in Finland, Israel and Nepal". This 4-year project includes 10 researchers from 6 different countries and is funded by The Academy of Finland.
The research project aims to help the Nepalese music teacher education to connect itself to the international network so that it would have natural interaction with the teacher training in other countries. The goal of the cooperation network involved in the research project is to increase cultural interaction, identify the challenges that are related to the diversity of cultures, and to provide solutions. Other main objectives in the project are learning from others, sharing, and cooperation. Ultimately, the project hopes to introduce new perspectives on how to make the music teacher training even more open and dynamic.

Sibelius Academy and Nepal Music Centre are organizing Cultural Diversity in Music Education (CDIME) conference in Kathmandu March 29 - April 1 2017.
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