The aim of the Camp is to create a forum for intercultural exchange in the fields of music, dance and drama. The focus will be on inclusion, community outreach and transcultural collaboration. The main Camp activities are described below. Furthermore, there will be many possibilities for jamming, socialising and listening to presentations. Not to mention the final concert and several smaller sessions where the Camp outcomes will be presented to the public audience.

Small group sessions have a crosscultural focus. Small groups are led by a teacher or teachers who represent a certain cultural background that works as a framework for the group. The participants bring in their own cultural characteristics to the mix and  by sharing and learning from each other the groups come up with something unique. Be prepared to be play in a cross-cultural ensemble and be prepared for the unexpected!

In large group sessions the participants divide into three activities: they will either play in the huge GLOMUS orchestra, sing in the GLOMUS choir or join the GLOMUS Dance and Theatre group where they will get to experience the combination of different traditions in music, dance and theatre.

Regional presentations are about sharing your culture and music to the others and simultaneously learning about other cultures.  Regional presentations will gather all the Camp participants together. Instructions on how to prepare these presentations will follow.

Managers and leaders will be invited to join a Leadership Forum containing discussions about important and burning topics. This is also the place to plan and learn about the GLOMUS network activities and future plans.

Oficina is a new concept introduced at the Brazil GLOMUS Camp. It offers a possibility to share pedagogical approaches and methodological issues, attend masterclasses and join in discussions on learning strategies.