Tanzania Camp Presentations

So many interesting activities and presentations were held during GLOMUS Camp 2013! Feel free to go through some of the slides or links or even scores again!

One Love
Fanta Fune Suso
Utapenda Kucheza Tanzania

The Role of Archives in Africa as Intersection of Culture(s) by Sylvia Tamasuza

The Ideological and Educational Underpinnings of the GLOMUS Vision by Keld Hosbond

Nordic Regional Presentation:
Folk Musician - a creative Musician in a Modern Day World by Vilma Timonen
NB! Vilma's video links:
Kimmo Pohjonen

Folk Music in the Nordic Countries by Pär Moberg

The Academisation of a Musical Tradition - Acceptance and Resistance by Pär Moberg

North-South-South 2011 - 2013 by Tuovi Martinsen

Theatre and Arts in Ghana by Dr Awo Mana Asiedu

The Role of Theatre Education in Mozambique by Dadivo Jose Combane

Malaysia - an Introduction to Music and Music Education by Ramona Mohd Dahir

Bringing International Library of African Music into the 21st Century by Inhwa So

GLOMUS - Where Do We Go from Here? by Thomas Winther

Music in Education Campaign by Kelvin Mdadila

by Jonna Sundberg